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9 By phw_admin Mar 17, 2014

Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. We are delighted you’ve arrived to learn more about the environmental assessment underway regarding proposed improvements to the Interstate 12/LA 3002 (South Range Avenue) interchange in Denham Springs.

This site is intended to make the latest information about the project accessible to all stakeholders, and provide a way for you to communicate your thoughts, opinions and ideas to the project team
We invite you to:

• Explore the website by category. We have tagged posts by their relevance to a range of topics –from project study area to the three construction alternatives. We hope there is something of interest here for you.

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9 thoughts on “How to Use this Website

  1. Robert C Badon

    Great idea but my concerns would be the Forrest Delatte traffic load.This road would be a major artery to Petes Hwy interchange,it’s very narrow and has a very dangerous turn in it.I truly feel it would be accidents waiting to happen.

    1. phw_admin Post author

      The ongoing traffic analysis will assess each alternative’s effects to Forrest Delatte Road. Refinements to alternatives will consider ways to mitigate adverse traffic and other effects of the project.

  2. Resident

    Thank you for your efforts on this website and Pete’s Hwy project-
    What will this do for the immediate ongoing traffic congestion into BR? Are there any poss proj proposals for an innovative HOV lane on I12(inbound-morning/outbound-afternoon), or short term/ long term solutions for US190(Fla Blvd)reducing number of traffic lights. I am afraid that we have become complacent with this problem and accept a 50 min-seven mile ride as normal…given the nature of the issue is there a plan for an immediate short term remediation?

    1. phw_admin Post author

      This project is not anticipated to reduce congestion on Interstate 12. However, LADOTD is currently assessing improvements to Interstate 10 and other east-west arterials as part of the Interstate 10 (Mississippi Bridge to I-10/I-12 split) corridor improvement study. Future improvements to major east-west arterials and/or Interstate 10 would have a beneficial but unknown quantitative effect to interstate travel between Denham Springs and Baton Rouge.

    1. phw_admin Post author

      The purpose of this project is to reduce congestion on Range Road in the vicinity of the interchange. This project does not include plans for improvements at that intersection.

  3. Joey Thibodeaux

    Very nice layout and presentation. Well thought out and could make a tremendous impact on the traffic flow. Hats off to the engineers and designers that did the layout.