What’s Been Going On?

Since holding the first public meeting in May 2014, continued coordination with state and local agencies has provided additional information that may need to be included in the development and evaluation of project alternatives.  Currently, DOTD and the project team is reviewing development activity in the project area and making a determination on the need […] continue reading

Great example of a local roundabout at Juban Crossing

We recently posted an item about the advantages of roundabouts and how they differ from conventional intersections.  In short, roundabouts eliminate conflict points, while increasing vehicle capacity; they reduce costs of traffic lighting; are safer for pedestrians; and the center islands can be attractively landscaped in an environmentally friendly manner. continue reading

What is a Roundabout?

A roundabout is a circular intersection where traffic flows in a counterclockwise direction around a center island.  Although they may look similar, roundabouts are not traffic circles or rotaries which may have stop signs, traffic signals, and higher speeds. Roundabouts allow traffic to flow through the intersection freely at slower speeds than the roadway. Drivers […] continue reading

Is that a DDI? Oh My!

Diverging-diamond (or double crossover diamond) interchanges (DDI) are like a remix of the traditional diamond interchange found at the intersection of interstates and highways. The first thing one will notice about the DDI is that traffic is routed to the left side of the road as it enters the DDI. Then as traffic leaves the […] continue reading