Official Commenting Period Now Open

0 By phw_admin May 21, 2014

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and the Development (DOTD) hosted a public meeting in Denham Springs on Thursday, May 22 to discuss three project alternatives for proposed interchange improvements at Louisiana Highway 3002 (South Range Avenue) and Interstate 12 in Denham Springs.

The official commenting period is open from Thursday, May 22 through Monday, June 2, 2014.  We solicit your feedback on the project using the comment form below.  We ask that you adhere to our Comment Policy.  Comments collected during this period will become part of the public meeting record. Thank you for your time and your feedback.

1. What is your opinion of the alternative(s) considered in regard to the stated Purpose and Need?

2. Do you have any other concerns, comments, or observations relative to social, environmental, or economic impacts in the project area or immediate surroundings?

3. How do you think this project will benefit the community?

Use this space for additional comments as needed.